Directing Actors (Download)
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Directing Actors (Download)

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  • RATING: Directing Actors is unrated, but contains strong language and adult situations, which are necessary for the honesty and integrity of the course and cannot be removed. The course is intended to be viewed by adults 18 or older.
  • 17-Volume Set as HD (1080p) and SD/Mobile (480p) DRM-Free MP4 Download in the H.264 format.
  • SD download is 1 GB/volume (17 GB total). HD download is 4 GB/Volume (68 GB total).
  • Download time on a 4 Mbit connection is approx. 35 minutes for SD volumes, 140 minutes for HD volumes.
  • Download is available immediately after purchase.
  • Directing Actors does not currently include subtitles, but will include subtitles in English and Spanish before the complete release. If subtitles are important to you and you can wait, you can re-download the volumes when they have subtitles.
  • User group membership.
  • $499.00
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