Public Performance License - Schoolwide
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Public Performance License - Schoolwide

About Public Performance Licenses::

  • Public Performance Licenses are for using the courses in face-to-face teaching.
  • We kindly request that schools that charge tuition (including state and religious schools) get a public performance license if they're going to show our courses in class.
  • You don't need a Public Performance License if you show less than 30 minutes of each course per class. We consider that Fair Use.
  • The Schoolwide License covers all our courses for any number of teachers in your institution in perpetuity. You will only ever need one license.
  • The Single-Teacher License covers all our courses for a single teacher in your institution in perpetuity.
  • The Schoolwide Upgrade is for upgrading a Single Teacher to a Schoolwide License.
  • If you are strictly non-profit (your students don't pay to be there), you're free to show the courses without a license.
  • Broadcasting, streaming from a server, or giving students downloads or copies are not allowed.
  • $250.00
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